Beautiful skin

Beautiful skin: Daily habits to have beautiful, smooth skin.

The skin is the largest part of the body and we sometimes neglect it. Or we focus more on other areas like the face, legs or hands. We often buy products, lotions or even go to the estecist for treatments to increase skin elasticity and smoothness. However they are things we can do on a …

Soften your hands

Rough Hands? Read This 7 Tips On How To Soften Them

Since 2020 started we have been washing our hands, a lot! Hand Sanitizer and other cleaning products have become our friends in the fight against covid-19. All of that have taken a toll on our hands and even our cuticles. In my 8 hour shift I have to wash my hands at least 4 times …

Apply Heel Genius Foot Cream and put on some comfy socks to lock moisture.

How To Keep Your Feet Pretty For The Summer.

Oh the summer: warm breeze, the sun, blue skies and the beach. The time to show some skin in short dresses and rock pretty sandals is almost here. Having dry, rough feet is not ideal. In order to rock those pretty sandals we must protect our feet. Sometimes that’s the body part we neglect the …

Easter inspired nail art
Nail Care

How to make easy and simple Easter inspired nail art.

I know: We are so busy that we forgot easter is around the corner! I feel like 2021 has just started but no! We are already in March again and with it comes something that I always forget: Easter! I’m making the preparations to go egg hunting with my daughter and I thought it would …

Strawberry legs

Summer Is Coming! How To Improve Strawberry Legs.

Get your legs ready for the summer with this simple routine. Summer is coming! The time to wear those pretty little summer dresses is near. We all love to have beautiful and smooth legs and shaving is part of the routine of many women. In this post I will share with you what I did …